Replica Watches are very sophisticated machinery

Don't wind the Tissot automatic watch too frequently. The self-winding watch contains more small parts than the manual winding. It can be used to wind the replica watches continuously, so that the mainspring is often in a semi-tight and semi-tight state, so that the torque output is not too much. One turn on the chain is equivalent to many turns of the automatic winding. You can imagine how fast the automatic rotor speed will be. Frequent winding will accelerate the wear of the gears and cause the watch to age faster.

If this is your first automatic mechanical watch with a back-through design, don’t turn the watch crazy when you think that the automatic rotor is fun. I said before that the watch is a very sophisticated machine. Crazy shaking of the watch will cause serious shocks to the movement. In the worst case, the automatic axis is broken directly. If you want to appreciate the fun of the automatic rotor, the normal way is to hold the watch in your hand and turn your wrist gently and uniformly.

Anyone who bought a diving watch would definitely want to try its powerful waterproof performance right away. Don’t throw it directly into the water. First, check if the watch is equipped with a screw-in lockable crown. The crown can only be tried when it is locked, and never adjust the crown underwater. I have seen a friend who asked with a dive replica watches uk, "Why did the dive watch I bought got water?" Afterwards, it was found that he had just pressed the crown and didn't tighten it at all, which caused the water to enter. Hope my friends will learn from it.

In addition, regarding waterproofing, everyone must be aware that no matter how strong the waterproof level is, never wear it to take a hot bath, steam, or hot spring. Because this will accelerate the aging of the waterproof rubber ring, and at the same time, due to the temperature difference, there will be a tiny gap between the rubber ring and the case. Water molecules enter through the gap and the watch will cause water to enter.