Replica Watches replica and wearing etiquette

The current mid-to-high-end brand watches basically use sapphire lenses as their watch mirrors. Everyone knows that sapphire lenses are very wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, so some people want to use hard objects such as knives, pen points, etc. on the watch mirror. Swipe it to see if it is really that durable. Nanjing Tissot replcia Rolex Discount Store recommends you not to do this. Although the real sapphire lens is really wear-resistant, in case you shake your hand, accidentally scratch the case, or really succeed in breaking the glass.

If you are a friend who has a relatively high start, and you just buy an 18K gold or 950 platinum watch, you must be more careful. The original texture of gold is very soft, although it is 18K gold synthesized with other precious metals and has a hardness It is improved, but it does not have high-strength wear resistance, so don't be fooled by the TV series to see if it is real gold!

Watches contain many metal parts, so you must avoid wearing the watch to places with severe temperature differences, because thermal expansion and contraction will cause the metal material to become brittle and reduce its shock resistance, which may directly lead to the fracture of the metal material. In addition, if it is below minus 5 degrees in winter, do not directly wear a watch with a steel band. It is very easy to frostbite the skin, and the possibility of water ingress is not ruled out. If you must wear it, it is best to warm it indoors and wear it with a layer of fabric. And when the temperature is too low, the watch directly exposed to the air is likely to freeze the oil, causing the movement to fail to operate normally.

In any case, unless you are a licensed watchmaker and you are in a clean room, do not open the back cover to observe the movement. Watches worth more than 10,000 yuan belong to high-precision machinery. A large number of substances harmful to the watch in the air will be taken advantage of by opening the back cover privately, such as soft dust, hard dust, human body debris, man-made fibers and so on. For watches, the most feared are hard dust and man-made fibers. And once you open the cover privately or go to an unauthorized place to open the cover, it means that you have lost the opportunity of the official warranty.

Hard dust is usually brought by urban construction. They have high hardness, strong penetrating power and long half attenuator. Once they enter the movement working area of ​​the new replica watches, they are likely to scratch the movement plywood and dial, causing intermittent Symptoms such as sexual paralysis. Man-made fibers are common in industrial products, such as sweater fibers, ropes, paper products, and so on. They can enter the movement silently and are attached to the second wheel shaft through the barrel wheel. The power of the second wheel is weak. Once it is entangled by man-made fibers, it will seriously affect the power of the movement, resulting in stalling and insufficient power release. As a result, in order to restore the movement to normal, the watch must be sent to a professional watch shop for cleaning.