The basic replica watches movement of a truly top brand has excellent performance

The top brands should ensure the same quality and consistency in craftsmanship for entry-level models and complex models. The basic movement is a good entry point. The basic movement of a truly top brand is not only superior in performance, but more importantly, it also maintains a first-class level of polishing and craftsmanship.

Truly top-notch workmanship, marked by the manual polishing of the movement plywood. For manual polishing, we observed with the naked eye under a magnifying glass, marked by an arc fake watches chamfer. All movement splints that meet the Geneva Hallmark standard must be chamfered manually if there is chamfering. And due to manual reasons and aesthetic needs, these chamfers are arc cross-sections. All Blancpain movements are manually chamfered (the kind with rounded corners).

What needs to be explained is that the real top brand is like this, even if it is invisible, it must be refined. Whether it is top-of-the-line workmanship can be identified by opening the "invisible place" of the movement. By the way, not all "top brands" have top workmanship.

Owning extraordinary craftsmanship is not a necessary condition for a top brand but a sufficient condition. Because being able to have extraordinary craftsmanship for a long time needs market acceptance, and customers who consume extraordinary craftsmanship are those who are picky and have extraordinary taste. The extraordinary craftsmanship naturally matches the top-level workmanship. In terms of dial features, top watches have extremely strict control replica watches over the case for elegance. The extraordinary craftsmanship requires a certain thickness (inlays, gold carvings, enamels, guilloches, etc.), which poses a challenge to the thickness of the movement-in order to demonstrate extraordinary craftsmanship, the movement must be as thin as possible. From this perspective, only the top brands can meet the requirements of extraordinary craftsmanship and coordinated production level